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BANKETTprofi Company Profile

BANKETTprofi GmbH, based in the ancient cathedral city of Speyer in southern Germany, is one of the leading developers of software for the hospitality industry in the German speaking countries. Over 4,000 users can testify to the difference the introduction of Bp Event has made to their working lives. No matter which branch of the hospitality industry you are in – gastronomy, banqueting, trade fair, conference or event catering, takeaway or school catering – Bp Event will take you on the sure road of success.

Our customers are key – with all their individual expectations and business needs.

Enter data once and for all and save time writing quotations, worksheets or invoices. Extract event schedules and complete production cycles. Forget about manually composing timelines and task lists or copy-and-pasting information from one application to another.

What started off as an in-house solution over 25 years ago has since grown into a full-fledged tool for all types of event managers. Today, more than 1,000 businesses from various backgrounds make up the Bp Event-community. The yearly User Meeting serves not only to present our latest developments, but also to engage in lively discussions with our customers and to make sure we stay at the cutting edge of industry demands and trends.



Initial attempts at simplifying event organisation by the use of spreadsheets and databases


Inhouse launch of the database application '7W' at Graf's Hotel Löwengarten in Speyer


Renaming and market launch of the 'BANKETTprofi' database application by the Karl-Heinz Graf Consultancy.


Company relocation to Schwegenheim, extension from Apple OS platform to Microsoft Windows


First publication of Kurt Wolf's "profi in Sachen BANKETT" training manual


Reorganisation as BANKETTprofi GmbH, partners: Karl-Heinz Graf, Sybille Lichtenfeld, Arnd Graf. Sybille Lichtenfeld and Karl-Heinz Graf are joint managers.


Relocation to own premises in Speyer.


Arnd Graf becomes joint manager with Sybille Lichtenfeld and Karl-Heinz Graf.


Much-lauded release of the completely overhauled and improved BANKETTprofi 9.0


Celebration of 25 years of market presence. Customer quotation: "All successful caterers these days use BANKETTprofi."


Founding of the BANKETTprofi Österreich GmbH based in Fürstenfeld with equal partners BANKETTprofi GmbH, Hubert Wurmannstätter and Urs Bürki.


After more than 25 years dedicated to BANKETTprofi, Karl-Heinz Graf lays down his active managing position on 31.12.2012 at the age of 63.


BANKETTprofi expands toward web technology. The WebApp makes BANKETTprofi data accessible any time, any where.


Publication of Kurt Wolf's "profi in Sachen BANKETT" as ebook and  interactive training course for staff and trainees.


Market release of BANKETTprofi 10 with its new user interface and multi-function bar.


Renaming of the BANKETTprofi Software to "Bp Event". Launch of international version Bp Event 11.


Multiple WebApps released and deployed


Run-up to the new international version Bp Event 12