Focus on your customers

Focus on your customers
and let us take care of the technology


Is there anything else we can get you? Mix and match to find the perfect solution to your professional challenges with the many flexible modules available for Bp Event. Here is a software ready to adapt to your business needs and demands - take your pick.

Modules for bespoke solutions


Make my day-to-day

Attendee Lists

Privately listed company

Bp Event mobile

Keeping current on the road

Bp Event WebApps

Just browsing

Branded Prints

Leave a stamp

Business Processes

Watertight flows

Calculations, Labelling and Recipes

Costing made easy

Calendar Synchronisation

Sync to link

CRM plus

Sales pitch perfect

Event Schedule

Transparent timeline

Exhibition Catering

Time is of the essence

Exhibition Catering mobile

Catering to a fair crowd

External Documents

A proven track record

Holidays/Special Events

Planning ahead


Available to promise

Menu Cards

Wine and dine

Multi-Day and Recurring Events

No one day is like another

Multi-Site Businesses

Many sites, one system


All different but all together

Online Enquiries

Helping with your enquiries

Online Production Control

Seamless flow of information

Online Shift Planning

Shift for yourself

Online Table Reservations

Anytime, anywhere, anyhow


Projecting quality


Forget the shopping list

Returnable Assets

Track and field returnables

Shift and Staff Planning

Right person, right time, right place


Events extraordinaire

Table Plans

Every chair in its place

Table Reservations

We've got your book

Ticket Reservations

Is this seat taken?


Your personal translator's note