Exhibition Catering

Time is of the essence


Timely, reliable and accurate delivery is essential for exhibition caterers who wants to hold their own. As opposed to an event caterer who has plenty of time for detailed planning, exhibition catering thrives on fast but reliable fulfilment of customer wishes - preferably within minutes of the order being placed. Our Exhibition Catering module is with you all the way, which is why is focuses on only the most important input fileds and pre-fills as many options as possible. Recurring entires can be selected from picklists or pre-selected, delivery notes composed with one push of the button, returnable assets included automatically and returns cross-checked instantly. Create collective invoices for defined time ranges and  monitor events  ... Ensure a smooth workflow and prompt dispatch.


  • Minimalist input window
  • Pre-selection picklists for standard items
  • Automatic creation of delivery notes for each department
  • Returnable assets manager
  • Automatic returnable assets and returns calculation, per event or period
  • Collective invoices per period
  • Easy workflow

Module Requirements