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Your business is special and has specific requirements. Your structures and your way of working differs from that of other event managers. But for all these variables, there is one constant: you plan, organize and evaluate events. You have customers who demand delivery and service - fast.

Your staff may or may not be available, may or may not know the customer. Some prefer to work with spreadsheets, others like text documents or pen-and-paper.

Wouldn't it be just great if any of your staff had access to all the details on every event, from anywhere, at any time?

Wouldn't it be almost too good to be true if you could answer customer enquiries confidently and competently, even if the account manager is not around?

Hands-on experience has made the Bp Event software a versatile tool for event managers at all stages and levels.

Our Standard Version offers a stauch basis for as many of our highly flexible modules as your business really needs.



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